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Assessing Your Supply Chain

Proper management of supply chains is important to businesses of all sizes - large and small. At HVTDC, we understand that it helps pave the way for manufacturers to operate and compete in today's economy, fostering innovation and growth within the Hudson Valley and New York State. That is why we have worked to educate our readers each month by featuring enlightening articles and case studies analyzing the ins and outs of supply chain management.

This time, however, we wish to take a different approach. Rather than providing you with the answers, we will present you with a set of questions to stoke the mental fire burning within your organization's supply chain management system.

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Success Takes Off at LoDolce Machine Co.

The Hudson Valley Technology Development Center (HVTDC) congratulates LoDolce Machine Company, Inc. for their successful AS9100C recertification. For the past year, the Saugerties, NY aerospace manufacturer has focused on preparing for the recertification, making considerable progress on their internal performance requirements. As a result, they have continued to improve their Quality Management System, significantly reduced product defects and improving key metrics to secure their certification.

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Bucking the Trend

Marketing is a fickle and capricious industry. Every so often, it takes a foray back in time to regain some clarity.

While the foundation of marketing will never change, rampant technological advances continue to modify its approach. The sharpest among us will always find ways to get ahead of the pack and outmaneuver competition, leaving the rest behind eating dust. Then, just as we're about to reach that elusive carrot dangling from the string, it gets yanked up another 10 feet by yet another cutting-edge marketing trend.

It's a constant game of catch-up. But it doesn't need to be.

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