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Jamming Outside the Boxx

My Music Machines, Inc. (MMMI) has spawned a revolutionary device, the trademarked Jamboxx, a hands-free electronic instrument capable of playing over 100 sounds or styles through its exclusive software. The product was specifically designed to ensure that those with physical or cognitive disabilities are able to utilize a musical instrument.

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Bucking the Trend

Marketing is a fickle and capricious industry. Every so often, it takes a foray back in time to regain some clarity.

While the foundation of marketing will never change, rampant technological advances continue to modify its approach. The sharpest among us will always find ways to get ahead of the pack and outmaneuver competition, leaving the rest behind eating dust. Then, just as we're about to reach that elusive carrot dangling from the string, it gets yanked up another 10 feet by yet another cutting-edge marketing trend.

It's a constant game of catch-up. But it doesn't need to be.

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New Product, New Engineers

EAW Electronic Systems, Inc., a Poughkeepsie design engineering and contract manufacturer for electronic and electro-mechanical assembly, is on the verge of introducing an innovative building automation system. The new technology, called an EMC 20/20, is used to control a building's heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, and will support industry standard communication.

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