HVTDC has re-branded

We are now doing business as MTEC - Manufacturing and Technology Enterprise Center


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Design & Prototyping Services

Are your product offerings showing signs of age? Are sales leveling off or dropping because competitors offer additional features or functionality? Do you have ideas for new products but don’t have the resources to design them and get them to market?

The expertise of the Design & Prototyping engineers at HVTDC has guided numerous companies on a path to take an innovative concept to market.

Design - we can conceptualize and design the electrical circuits, embedded firmware, database and web architecture, and mechanical packaging.

Prototyping - We build limited quantities of the initial design and rigorously test them to assure they meet your requirements and those of your customers.

Agency Approval - If required, we submit your designs for Agency approval which can include FCC, UL, CE, WEEE, RoHS and REACH. We take care of all the paperwork, participate in the testing process, and make any adjustments required to obtain approval.

Release for Manufacturing - We help analyze your requirements and projected volumes. We will work with your existing suppliers or a network of companies we work with both locally and internationally. We become part of your team, guiding you through every step of the process, motivated by our desire to see you become more successful.

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IT Support, Data Consolidation, Storage, Analysis and Display Application Services

Formulation - We can review your business, look at your current data systems and determine a strategic plan for your data systems to facilitate the growth of your business

Architecture - We can structure a system and data repository environment and a user interto meet your present and future needs.

System Development - Our expert team can implement your database and program your applications

Display Applications - We will develop intuitive graphical user interfaces to gather and display your business parameters.

Analysis - We can help you analyze your data and develop a system to manage your business processes & help optimize your productivity.

Maintenance - Long term system sustainability and renewal is our specialty

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Innovation Engineering Management

Innovation is what distinguishes between leaders and followers. Companies who strive to create unique meaningful solutions will always have customers willing to pay more money for your PRODUCTS and SERVICES. HVTDC has the professional capability and experience to successfully transform your company from a business focused on cost savings to one that concentrates on driving growth!

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Technology Matching

Inventors desperately need a path to commercialize their ideas. Companies are always seeking new ideas to create opportunities for growth. HVTDC has the experience and system to provide the vital link that connects individuals or organizations with new ideas with companies who have the technology, manufacturing and marketing strength to bring them to successfully commercialize them.

We take the time to understand your business and growth strategy, and we use that knowledge to seek out new opportunities to help you achieve your goals.

These opportunities come from multiple sources. Some originate with other companies we are working with. We frequently receive requests from other state or federal organizations looking for sources of products or services enabling us to present new business opportunities to our clients.

The Innovation Marketplace is a national repository of ideas and inventions looking for partners to help develop and commercialize them. We monitor this database on a regular basis looking for new opportunities for your business or solutions for any issues your business is facing.

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Technology Planning + Evaluation

HVTDC engineers employ a proven methodology to help you assess and evaluate your plans for growth. The objective is to rapidly assess your plans, your ability to execute those plans, and the external market environment.

We work with you to assess your plans for growth and the strategies and investment requirements to achieve that growth. We assess the market and your competitors. We help you create a pipeline of innovative ideas. The objective is to build confidence in the growth plan, or how to fail fast/fail cheap.

This assessment can take place in one or two day sessions and provide you with valuable insight from an independent perspective.

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