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ISO 9001:2015 Update

With the ISO 9001:2015 revision officially released, what are your company's plans to address the key changes these revisions will require? Do you have a good understanding of the transition periods? When should you transition? These are some other key questions regarding the changes to the common management system structure.

Stay tuned for a special workshop featuring these revisions early next year. Participants will be introduced to the latest update to ISO 9001 – the first major revision since ISO 9001:2000, which essentially consolidated three previous standards including ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 9003.  This latest revision takes into account the vast changes in technology, business diversity, and global commerce. The workshop will feature information on the implementation schedule, risk management, the new ISO Annex AL Platform, as well as training and overview courses.

If you would like to receive an invitation, please send your contact information including your name, company, email, and phone to Phyllis Levine at phyllis.levine@hvtdc.org.