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Hawkins, Inc. Acquires Stauber Performance Ingredients

In 2011, Stauber Performance Ingredients had a vision for their newly acquired facility in Florida, New York. Under the leadership of Executive Steve Graham, the entire Stauber team developed a strategy to take their “good” ingredients manufacturer to “world class” status over the next five years.

Today, under the watchful eye of Mr. Graham, that vision has become a reality. Hawkins, Inc. announced last week that it has completed its acquisition of Stauber from ICV Partners II, L.P. and its other shareholders in a cash for stock transaction. The acquisition marks the largest in Hawkins' history and follows Stauber’s transformation into an industry powerhouse of “world class” status.

That status demanded the widespread implementation of Lean Manufacturing concepts and techniques over the past four years to better utilize space, people, and equipment. As a result of the hard work and dedication, Stauber has consistently generated strong cash flows from its operations and has decreased capital expenditure requirements.

In addition to the several facility, equipment, and process improvements detailed in the story attached, HVTDC has continued to assist its client on various projects. HVTDC’s Senior Strategic Business Adviser, Jim Kehoe, was assigned to lead the effort to develop a comprehensive plan detailing the actions, budgets, and timetable to execute Stauber’s strategy. Mr. Kehoe has subsequently been hired by Stauber as its Vice President of Operations. Travis Hayden was also hired as Stauber’s Lead Process Control Engineer after completing his two-year internship with HVTDC. He is currently responsible for designing and implementing their manufacturing processes while continuing to identify and develop equipment needed to produce their products.

HVTDC congratulates the entire Stauber Performance Ingredients team for their success. Please enjoy the full story, published in September, 2014.