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HVTDC Congratulates FALA Technologies

“True leaders don't create followers. They create more leaders.”

The Hudson Valley Technology Development Center (HVTDC) congratulates FALA Technologies for successfully completing the Front Line Leadership Training series and for their continued effort ushering in a renewed company-wide focus on improving the direct management and leadership of employees.

Last spring, the industrial equipment manufacturer invested in a tailored Frontline Leadership Training series with the intention of upgrading the skill sets of area leads and supervisors at its Kingston, NY facility. The primary objective of the training was to address the increasing demands the company been placing on department leads and supervisors. The need to get results and how to positively lead and communicate effectively with direct reports and management were key goals of the training.

The training focused simultaneously on “hard” skills to improve area performance and “soft” skills to effectively manage and direct others. Particular points on behavioral and task-based skills critical to successful supervision and area leadership were also covered. Students reviewed basic supervisor skills on how to handle conflicts, effectively communicate, manage employees, improve relationships, and enhance setting up and monitoring area performance. As part of the training, specific responsibilities were reviewed and improvement objectives established. Fala now continues to effectively improve both the morale of the working environment and the productivity in key areas of the business.

“FALA’s focus on Communication Training assures growth and success of our company,” said Gerry DiMarco, CEO of FALA Technologies. “Employees need to continue to develop these skills to further support every business communications. Clear and exact information being passed to internal and external and customers can directly affect the bottom line of any company. It is the responsibility of management to provide the employee training to continue to enhance their professional development and improve assets of the company.”

HVTDC leadership trainer, Dave Tooker, developed and provided the training, direct coaching, and expertise to the staff throughout the duration of the program. “Teamwork and positive relationships are essential for productive work environments, and management is responsible for establishing and sustaining this environment,” said Dave.

FALA Technologies designs and builds advanced tools and innovative systems to solve critical manufacturing problems. This enables cost-effective production of products and consumables for the semiconductor, green energy, medical, transportation, and biotechnology industries. They offer high-quality turnkey engineering and manufacturing services in its own state-of-the-art facility and reaches out to global partners for best-of-breed solutions. As developer and systems integrator in global collaborations, FALA integrates subsystems into unified solutions, adding its own technologies along the way.

For more information on Frontline Leadership Training, contact Business Development Advisor, Ralph Brown, at 914-393-9876, or ralph.brown@hvtdc.org.