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Bringing Technology to Your Business - Part IV + Bringing It All Together

Over the past four months, we have pondered several ways technology has crucial effects on manufacturing and business operations. Contrary to popular belief, technology transcends computer software; it pervades nearly every aspect of an effectively run business. No matter the size of the company, nor the type of goods or services produced, technology innovation has clear and tangible benefits to help your business increase revenue and produce the results your customers demand.

The path to innovation in business means doing something different – something smarter or better that brings about positive change with regard to quality, productivity, and value. Smart business owners accomplish this by taking advantage of emerging or proven technologies. In this digital age, long term business growth cannot be achieved at the optimum level without technology.

Technology is integral in not only building prototypes and new products, but providing the tools to upgrade current products, reduce labor, and improve many other key performance indicators. We have examined how technology can improve your manufacturing performance, whether through a new product used to speed up the work flow process or a management reporting system that helps to monitor quality more efficiently. Other times, a strategic analysis of your current technologies can help identify bottlenecks in your process before new technology enhancements eliminate those bottlenecks and potentially raise your business to an unprecedented level.

As we noted when we first began this foray into the world of technology, its application is not only integral in providing the tools that enable production. Technology is often identified as the most important area of manufacturing process decision making. It could be argued that technology innovation is the distinguishing factor that separates the leaders from the followers.

Ultimately, technology is the hub. It has countless aspects, and is, when properly integrated, an effective method for managing all aspects of your business. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Business Development Advisor, Ralph Brown, at 914-393-9876 or ralph.brown@hvtdc.org.