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EAW Introduces New Product to Stauber Performance Ingredients

In 2011, Stauber Performance Ingredients had a vision for their newly acquired facility in Florida, New York. Under the leadership of Executive Steve Graham, the Stauber team developed a strategy to take their “good” ingredients manufacturer to “world class” status over the next five years.

That vision has become reality, as Hawkins, Inc. completed its acquisition of Stauber in a cash for stock transaction earlier this year. The acquisition marks the largest in Hawkins' history and follows Stauber’s transformation into an industry powerhouse of “world class” status.

An integral part of the transformation was the implementation of an innovative building automation system, introduced by EAW Electronic Systems, Inc., a Poughkeepsie design engineering and contract manufacturer. The new technology, called an EMC 20/20, supports industry standard communication and is used by Stauber to monitor the facility’s temperature, humidity, and pressure levels.

With no structure in place previously for testing these levels in the building, Stauber first installed the system to monitor production rooms. The setup allows them to maintain negative pressure and prevent cross-contamination between other rooms and any product within them. The EMC 20/20 also gives Stauber the ability to assess VAV (variable air volume), constricting air flow to control the volume of pressure entering the rooms. With the new system, humidity levels are at an all-time low, while repeated batches have significantly increased. The changes have the Florida, NY business operating at a substantially higher level of efficiency as the industry-standard production and environmental conditions of the facility have proven critical to the improved quality of the end product.

The 20/20 also ensures Stauber abides by their own internal performance requirements and maintains ERP certification, while making considerable progress on their customer performance requirements for a cool, dry formula. With a more effectively controlled atmosphere and increased repeatability, Stauber has retained and satisfied its customers while maximizing efficiency and improving workplace safety to create long-term value to sustain growth and profitability.

The EMC 20/20 was conceived and developed by engineers at HVTDC. HVTDC’s Engineering Consulting Service employed several engineering and programming interns, two of which found full-time employment with EAW as electrical engineers where they continue to develop the system and new applications. For more information on Stauber Performance Ingredients, EAW Electronic Systems, Inc., and HVTDC’s Engineer Consulting Service, please contact Business Development Advisor, Ralph Brown, at 914-393-9876, or ralph.brown@hvtdc.org.