HVTDC has re-branded

We are now doing business as MTEC - Manufacturing and Technology Enterprise Center


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Strategic Growth Planning

A well-conceived vision speaks to the position a company strives to occupy in its markets and articulates their distinctive competitive advantage. It also drives the development of the company’s goals and the resources allocated to achieve them. We work with our clients to build, articulate and implement a shared vision of their company's future, which expresses what the organizations partners want to build together.

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Supply Chain Services

Large manufacturers should be able to easily identify smaller manufacturers who supply needed goods, and smaller manufacturers must know where their potential markets lie. They need access to the latest innovation to be as productive and current as possible with regard to manufacturing processes and product design. Supply chain management services are provided to aid in the design, planning, execution, control, and monitoring of supply chain activities, creating net value, building a competitive infrastructure, synchronizing supply with demand, and measuring performance on a global scale. These linkages will improve their competitiveness, foster growth, and enhance financial sustainability, thereby creating and retaining jobs and contributing to the overall growth of the community

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Innovation Engineering Management

Innovation is what distinguishes between leaders and followers. Companies who strive to create unique meaningful solutions will always have customers willing to pay more money for your PRODUCTS and SERVICES. HVTDC has the professional capability and experience to successfully transform your company from a business focused on cost savings to one that concentrates on driving growth!

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Strategic Marketing

In the rapidly changing landscape of marketing and the multimedia platforms available to deliver your message to your target audience, every CEO and marketing executive faces strategic marketing challenges affecting the future of the company.

We work with you on a comprehensive review of markets and opportunities focused on long-term strategic decisions and help you define a marketing strategy to meet your goals and get you the desired results. From website design and copy-writing to content marketing and social media, we have the expertise and proven track record to help company’s increase brand awareness and grow sales.

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New Business Opportunities

HVTDC is in a constant state of forward motion when it comes to identifying new business opportunities for it’s current and potential clients. New business opportunities from Federal, State and local levels, are always on our radar and we quickly share that information with our clients to pursue those opportunities and grow sales! Visit our website often to see what the latest initiative is or call us direct for up-to-the minute information.

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